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Bard's Lute General Store

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Written by George Sanders

Largest Store in the North

The store is located in the old town district on the East side of Etonia. It is a large two-story stone building. Originally it was used as a warehouse and remodeled by Ranon when the Etonia Council was established. Windows were added to the second floor and a large display window welcome customers in on the first floor. A walkway on the side leads to the open-air Northern Plenty Free Marketplace that is managed by the store.


Ranon and her sister, Signal, run the store with several clerks and laborers from the city. The store is one of the primary ways to import items from the South other than the mining or construction guilds. Both sea and land travel to Etonia can be treacherous, so Ranon found specific ships and merchants that knew the routes well. Ranon was a world traveler and renowned performer who used her contacts to build the supply network. Goods for the forest villages are included in caravans sent routinely through the forest. A network of smaller general stores provide a point of sale location in many of the villages

It's Not All Work

The store sponsors a stand at the Etonia Fish and Biscuit Rally each year. Vibrant multi-color stripes decorate their banner. Ranon gathers fans in the market on the day of the rally. They parade to the fairgrounds to cheer for their style of biscuit. In addition to the Rally, the store participates in most community events and the celebrations run by the Church of the Silver Dragon. Ranon is a public figure as a prominent member of the council and ensures a store presence at most events. Even with her full schedule, Ranon can still be found walking through the market and in the general store, enjoying a cup of tea, and humming a tune.

Signal's Description of the Store

Excerpt from Finding the Source

The side walls and the back wall were covered, floor to ceiling with cabinets and shelves. They were set behind a counter with space for more inventory underneath it. A large hearth kept the chill of the Spring rain outside.

The second floor had three rooms. A bedroom for each of us, my sister and I. The third room was a place for cooking, eating, and hanging out. There was a large window that I liked to sit by in that room. I guess this isn't very exciting, but it was more than I had for a long time. It became home. It was easy to forget about the South.


Most of my time was needed in the store. My sister started to get deliveries of all kinds of items. It was like a holiday every week. I was in charge of inventory. I made charts and counted everything. The paperwork and sorting were simple, but it kept my mind busy. My sister got good at making tea. She couldn't cook anything else decent, so I had to cover that. I still enjoyed every cup of tea she brought me.


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