Written by George Sanders

Anise walked along the dirt path with Lavani. There was a slight click when Anise made each step. A metal band on her shoe made a noise on each stride. Lavani slowed her own pace. The click slowed. Lavani smiled. "...I believe everything is connected. I know what has happened in the forest over the centuries. If we continue to concentrate belief by working for the forest and each other, we will unlock much potential." Lavani finished answering a question Anise had asked.


Anise replied quickly, "Damn, is this a cult?"


Lavani laughed. "Yep," she continued, "you want to turn back?"


Anise sighed. "No, I like what you are doing with the place. Plus, I'm getting in on the ground floor. So what is going to happen again?"


Lavani repeated patiently, "I am a focus of all the belief, the mental commitment that everyone and everything in the forest has given. That is the starting point. Our proper actions then generate faith and bend reality to us. The first action is to listen to the story going on around us. When you can hear the story, then I will pass some of the focus to you. You will tend it and grow it. I will help you. We are a community along with all in the forest."


Anise nodded and asked another question "Where did you come from? You just appeared in a tree?"


"It was a moment of great rebirth, after the fall of a horrible civilization. That kind of thing creates a weak spot between dimensions. I was sent to continue the rebirth. I was the tree, the rest, you know. Unfortunately, the idea of rebirth has been lost by the spirit that sent me. We are more powerful than him now, so this will be our Domain."


Anise continued asking questions, "Won't that piss him off?"


"He was already difficult and isolating himself before all this. We are the opposite - we will be inclusive, listen, and be a community. We will deal with him together if he becomes a problem."


They reached a small clearing at the end of the path. A'trea welcomed them to the circle of stones. A'trea was like a bodyguard and assistant at the same time. She had been in several of the meetings Anise had with Lavani. "You ready, Anise?" She nodded to A'trea and was directed to a stone slab in the middle of the circle. She sat down and closed her eyes.


That night Anise committed to her belief that Lavani and the forest needed to become more powerful. So she became the third Warlock of Lavani.


Would you Walk with Lavani?


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