Written by George Sanders

Smack! Thud! Rolph's 8 inches of stainless steel cleaved through the large piece of meat on the table. "Antum, I'm telling you it just doesn't make any sense. One day you are getting me ready to be mayor, then some lady shows up and tells everyone she is mayor, and now you're telling me to scale back my business."
  Rolph paused for a minute, wiped his brow, and continued, "and you're telling me I'm going to have to scale back because she doesn't think we should eat as much meat!?" He put his hands on his hips and walked in a circle. "You don't shift carts on people like that. This whole thing just ain't natural."
  Antum seized the opportunity, "No, she is nature. Literally. She is the spirit of that tree right out there. The hunters will still be allowed to bring back some game. There will still be goats to shear and older livestock to process. We just aren't going to be raising animals solely for meat. I know your business will be impacted but you will have other responsibilities now."
  Rolph shakes his head "You mean her court? I'm not some fluffed up stuffy pants noble that goes to court to swoon and talk about the weather." His arms were crossed now.
  "It's about being an advisor and helping her do good things for the town and forest. You wouldn't be useful to her if you were a stuffy pants noble. You know the people, who can do what jobs, and will speak up for them. You saw the creature the old mayor summoned to use against us. You saw the horde of monsters that Lavani's Champions fought off. We need her. And she is going to need you."
  Rolph put his hands on the table, arms locked straight, head down. "You're painting it pretty but you're also saying I don't have a choice." He let out a big sigh. "This is going to be a challenge."


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