Written by George Sanders

It was dark. It was quiet. It was lonely. There was plenty of food though and It didn't really need light. It extended its mycorrhizae into the ground to gather nutrients. Not the best but ok. It was patient. It had been told to be patient and at least there was peace. And The Grove would be at peace.   A man had come into The Grove and told them to obey. The man would not have left them in peace if they didn't obey and he was immune to the spores. They tried to give the man something of value to make him go away and he took It but did what he wanted anyway. He had Sophie with him as well so the path of peace seemed like the right choice. But, It was lonely now, the other voices of The Grove were gone, very far away. It was patient. It had to be. Time passed.   The rusty gate groaned. Bodies thudded to the floor. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. The rusty gate groaned again. They weren't moving. Was this food? It went over to a body. No, the body was alive. It went back to the corner of the cell.   It just stayed perfectly still as the bodies started to move. Eventually one of the men spotted it. Wait, that isn't a man, it is like Sophie - it is a woman. It was talking at It. "What are you little guy? Everyone look at this little mushroom." Oh, the woman was calling It a guy. A hand on the woman reached out and touched It, no Him. She sounded really nice. "It is squishy, and so cute!" Supheli squealed. Fassad brushed himself off, "Supheli dear, don't play with the little mushroom. We need to get out of this cell. Can you try the door?" Supheli threw herself at the door multiple times but was unable to break through. She sighed. "It's not working."   What was she trying to do He thought. Oh! I know. He walked over to the bars and slipped through. Supheli cheered and clapped "Mr Fassad! Look, the mushroom can help us!" She used big gestures and loud words. It seemed like she wanted Him to walk down the hall and come back. So He did. "Oh no. He didn't get the key!" Supheli sighed again. She got down on her hands and knees "Let's try this again. What is your name little guy?"   What was she doing now? Oh! She wanted to connect!   Poof! Spores filled the hall and cell.   What was His name. Hmmm. He was a single voice now, quiet like a murmur. As a connection was made to the woman across the spore network he shared his name, Murmur. She was so excited "Hi Murmur! I am Supheli!"


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