Everst Silver

Written by George Sanders

The Long Road to Etonia hugs the base of a 50-foot ridge as it runs from the South thru the K'hala Swamps. It is one of the only places to cross the swamps, however is flooded most of the year. There are the poisonous lizard's and other hazards to be cautious of as well.   Travelers along the Long Road often stopped at "the bend" to rest. The Long Road turned West at The Bend to make the final push to Etonia. There was a natural clearing at The Bend where several farms were located. As people traveled through the area, silver was eventually discovered. Thomas Everst was the lucky traveler. He panned the nearby stream and collected enough silver that he built a tavern and blacksmith shop on The Bend.   Shortly after the Etonia Council took over managing the city and region they set up or contracted with several guilds to gather raw materials the community needed. They sent a ranger to find the source of the silver. The main vein was found several hours East of The Bend, which was now being called the village of Everst. The vein of silver was exposed by the uplift of the ridge.   The mine also produces large amounts of lead and copper that are part of the silver ore. The high concentration of silver in the ore made this a priority expedition by the Mining Guild. They set up a smelting shop, barracks for miners, stables, and quarters for guild masters near the ridge. They brought in food and cooked meals for the miners. Many miners would take the time to head to Everst for one meal a day at the tavern in the village.


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