Written by George Sanders

"Hey Pop" Artie sat on a stool at the bar where his dad was serving drinks. "It's another busy night."   Fenwick reached over the bar for a hug. "I miss my bar but you can't beat this crowd. How did the training go today?"   "The new recruits are real green. Most of them know how to shoot but they were farmers 3 weeks ago. The hunters with experience are off with Ardelis investigating the mine and Jung is out on a special mission for Lavani. None of us got the details where he was going. That leaves me to turn the recruits into Ardelis' Arrows."   "It's a tall order. They say Ardelis' Arrows don't miss." Fenwick said with a smile. Before Artie had finished with his update there was a tankard of ale and a hot bowl of soup in front of him. "You got this son. I'm proud of you."   *****   "Flora, thank you so much" Hanna took the pot of stew, bread, and a bag of nuts from her. "We really appreciate your hospitality."   "You hardly have any room here, it's the least we can do." Flora turned to head out the door as Hilda, Airy, Milred and Pip filed in from the back room to get dinner. Hilda put her arm around her partner's shoulders. "We are blessed. Thank you Flora. Tell Holmes I'll be at the Tavern first thing in the morning to help out." Flora nodded.   Airy and Milred sat quietly at the table. Pip looked at them and then to her parents. "When will Airy and Millie get to go home?"   Hanna sat at the table. "I don't know." She paused for a moment then got out the bag of nuts. "Let's try out these peanuts that Flora brought."   *****   Yelsin locked the door on his shop and headed down the street to the grocer. You could find dry goods at the grocer such as spices, salt, sugar, some tinned or canned foods, tea, occasionally coffee, and candy. Candy was what he needed. He had quite a sweet tooth but more importantly he kept his candy jar full for the children running by his shop. It was nice to have an excuse to see Freda almost every day too.   She had started baking every day to help the town keep up with the influx of people. If he timed it just right, when she was finishing up a batch of bread, she would sit with him and they would have a cup of tea with a piece of hot bread together.   The bell on the door jingled as Yelsin entered. The smell of bread was in the air. Freda peaked around the corner "I have a pot of water on, have a seat. I'll be out in a minute!" Yelsin smiled.


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