Garden Harmonies

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Written by George Sanders

The sage had a very periwinkle color in this garden. The combination of soil and care made a vibrant color. Emma referred to it as the color of the year. Lavani dug her fingers into the ground around the sage. She coaxed the plants to wake and move over. "Good morning, my friends. We have a little trip to make today."


The dirt bubbled with magic around the plants' roots, and they started to slip toward the edge of the garden. "We need a little more room for the catnip. With all the Cats in Montsilt, we need more catnip! Demand is high, and the cats do work hard for us." Lavani hummed a tune while the sage made its way to its new place in the garden.


Omara pulled off the calendula flowers that had finished blooming. She mimicked Lavani. She whispered, "Don't worry, now you'll be able to grow again." The next bloom popped off. "You made such a grand golden flower. I can't wait for the next one." Another bloom went into her pouch. "You grew so fast! Let's get ready for the next one." The plants straightened and looked proud as she progressed.

Cosplay photo of a young elvish woman with green hair and a gardening hat. Her white blouse has puffy sleeves. She is sitting in the garden behind purple flowers.
Lavani Cosplay by Pauline

Sibling Harmony

Samuel walked up with a pallet full of catnip seedlings. His feet were dragging a little. The pallet scrapped on the stone beside the garden as he reached his destination.


"Are you two talking to the flowers again? How's the weather, Mr. Parsley?"


Omara scoffed at her brother, "You know they are listening!"


He chuckled, "Yes. Yes. Don't worry. Parsley's got my back."


His sister continued, "No. Parsley gathers useful knowledge. It is purifying and cleansing. Plus, it attracts the butterflies."


Lavani jumped into the conversation to calm Omara and stop Samuel's joking. "Samuel, while you are planting those seedlings. tell me about Sage."


He made several holes in the dirt with a small shovel. "Sage is all about wishes and wisdom." He leaned over to the sage, "Can you get me out of this chore and on to archery practice? No? I didn't think so."


Lavani put up her hand as Omara's face got red. "It's ok Samuel can long as he finishes his chore with care."


Samuel nodded toward Lavani, and they continued working in the garden. Samuel slipped into the routine as well, "This one will be for Gift. This one will be for Moonpie. This one will be for Pumpkin. You will make them so happy!" He kept his voice down, so the girls didn't hear him too much.


Color Harmony

Lavani arranged the garden in a harmonious flow of colors. The green foliage of parsley followed by the golden yellow of the calendula. The growing patch of catnip with purple flowers was next. Finally, the sage at the far edge of the with its unique and very periwinkle-colored flowers.


Before long, butterflies joined the party. The task went faster than expecting. The conversations among the plants kept everyone focused. With the task complete, Samuel ran off to practice with his bow. "See you both at lunch!"


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Cover image: Forest During the Daytime by Tim Mossholder


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