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Damik and Tamil ran through the halls
brothers in arms and brothers to all.
Raised to fight and champion their nation
to the future, they were the foundation.


Full of fire and a desire for glory
Damik conquored even the Karui.
His mighty mace would glow a brillant red
it matched his growing greed and desire for bloodshed.


Dark energy drove him forward, as foes fell one after another
when there were not enough foes left he turned his eye on his brother.
It started with gathering the outsiders and those of the half race
Then one fateful night he set the army on the those in that space.


Tamil pulled out his maul and called on his brother to stop
His aim was true, he swung his weapon and hit with a thunderous pop
The battle raged while all those around waited
Then those gathered slipped away before it ended.


Tamil fell that night and the nation split.
Ten hours later a great wyrm appeared, calling for Damik to submit.
He was there to extract payment for every transgression
Damik refused and went down raging with the entire nation.


He put every soldier and every citizen out to fight
Every city and every battle were lost in a few nights
Those calling for peace and those in the forest were spared
Many stayed in the woods, lived off the land, while the forest repaired.


The brothers were buried, side by side
In the ruins of a civilization, that had once been spread far and wide.
All treasure and resources were gone except their weapons
And those were sealed away with the brothers as a blessing from the heavens.

Traditions of The People of the Anhult Wildlands

by Scribes Belamy and Rosario

Page 5 from Chapter 1 - Forest Myths

Attribution: Grandma Nuray

Age Estimate: 8yrs ago

Record, Historical

Background: When the first elders of the indigenous people of the forest came to Etonia, interviews were conducted to understand what was happening in the forest. Families were coming out of the forest at a growing pace. They reported family members were disappearing, that something was hunting them. Yet, no tracks or evidence of foul play could be found.

Scribe Belamy wrote out this mythical story by Grandma Nuray during her 1st interview after arrival. We were amazed to record an epic tale that had been passed down for generations as an oral tradition. That is what motivated the scribes to schedule follow-up meetings and interview more of the elders.


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