Written by George Sanders

The 50 foot tall tree blocked the door to the town hall. The tree had a 5ft diameter. The town hall's front wall had to be removed and the second floor was shored up with poles after the tree crashed into existence. Those repairs created an open air room in the space that used to be the main meeting room of the town hall.
  Rolph stepped over the tree roots and walked around the tree to get into the meeting room. Emma was already there sitting at a table talking to Yelsin. A'trea was standing to the side, wearing her chain armor with sword in hand. Rolph nodded to her. She gave him a quick nod and kept her eyes on the various entrances to the room. Shortly after Rolph, Bria and her husband entered the room.
  Emma stood "Bren, this meeting is just for Bria to attend. She can keep you up to date afterward." He scoffed "Ah, I don't see what the big deal is." Emma got a scowl on her face "Bren, go." A'trea walked over to him. "Could you do a walk around the town hall for me before you head home?" He looked at Emma for a second longer, then turned to A'trea. "What do you need that for?" He said to her. "I'm keeping an eye on the council and the doors. Could use a set of eyes to do a check of the perimeter." His tone changed "Oh, yeah. I got it." He walked out past the tree and headed left around the building. A'trea called to him "I'll walk Bria home after the meeting is done."
  Lavani came into the room and sat at the side of the table. The others sat down too. Emma read off the agenda and started going through the discussion points. Lavani was quiet and listened.
  The others deferred on a decision about where to build new houses with Rolph and Yelsin wanting along the road while Emma and Bria wanted an expansion out from the center of town. A black and white cat came over and hopped on the table. Lavani pet the cat as the discussion continued.
  Emma continued on to two more topics with about the same results. Eventually, she looked at Lavani and asked "Do you have anything to weigh in on?"
  Lavani paused playing with the cat. "This is certainly a new situation for me. How about you all?"
  Rolph said "Yes, it sure is," quite frustrated.
  Bria nodded in agreement.
  Yelsin added, "You can't be more right about that Rolph."
  Emma agreed too. They all agreed.
  Emma cycled back to the first question "How do we take care of the people displaced?"
  Rolph thought a moment and replied "Well, it isn't by the road but behind the general store and the wizard tower we could fit 4 or 5 houses. Also by the barn behind my shop."
  Yelsin nodded "If we keep new shops and maybe a warehouse along the road that will help manage the larger caravan sizes going to and coming from Etonia."
  Lavani said to the cat "We have an excellent new plan." and to the others "What is next?"


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