Written by George Sanders

Clop, clop, clop. The cane made that noise relentlessly as Hanna walked down the street. It was sharp and loud compared to the sound it had made on the farm. She headed down the stone street, past the cobbler, past the noisy blacksmith shop, and took a left at the town square. She grimaced a few smiles at people that greeted her. It was a friendly town but she was new, a refugee. She was motivated to get out today. She was anxious to pull her weight but the bigger motivation was to help Supheli. That girl had saved Hanna and her family from a horde of monsters. Supheli was really still just a girl, 13 years old, and rough around the edges but talented with magic. Hanna didn't know the whole history but Supheli had been given her own shop in town.   The shop was a narrow building with three split level floors. Hanna walked up to the door and shushed away an orange cat. She took a deep breath and let it out. She unlocked the door and entered. The first floor was empty. Hanna made her way up the short flight of steps to the second floor. It was empty. On the third floor she could see some of Supheli's mushroom experiments and a bed. The walls on the third floor were covered with painted designs and writing. Hanna sat down on the top of the flight of steps between the first floor and second floor. She didn't need to go up to see the third floor again. For some reason Supheli was fertilizing the mushrooms with dead rats. Supheli had said the mushrooms would be useful in making various potions and tinctures. Hanna was pretty sure she didn't want to know any more about that and didn't offer to participate in the fertilizing and growing part.   The front door opened and returned Hanna's attention to the empty space of the first floor. A man entered, carrying some shelves. "Hi, is Supheli here?" Hanna stood "No, just me. Supheli is out on a mission for the Mayor. She told me to open up for you." The man nodded, "I'm Kayd. I've seen you across the street. You moved into the room off Yelsin's shop right?" Not much goes unnoticed in a small town, "Yes, I'm Hanna. Supheli wanted this wall lined with shelves."   "Well, Hanna, I'm glad you are in the loop. I'll sit this here and go get the next one. Then I can get these hung." before he left he added "It was quite a thing she did. I got 4 cart loads of wood in less than a week. She said she was a member of the council, wasn't sure I believed her - since she was so young. With those kinds of results I figured I better put her on the top of the list. This will be quite a nice space." Hanna agreed as he headed out the door.   Yes, she thought to herself. This will be a very nice space.


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Morrigan Robbins
1 Feb, 2021 15:35

I really like the optimistic tone to your piece. It's clear that there might be some sort of past but it feels like the beginning of something new, shedding the past, and forging a path towards the future.

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