Summer Camp 2021 Pledge

Which project are your worldbuilding efforts tied to?

At first, I thought my writing project was about a halfling. He was trying to take all the power he could. A unique and scrappy council was ready to stand against him.

As I started worldbuilding, I got to know the people and places in my world. Unexpected events happened, heroes appeared, and whenever I focused into any corner of the world interconnected details emerged. A few times I wondered, did I create that or was it already there? It was surprising and magical. I found myself drawn into the forest as much as the characters were.

Lavani in armor
Lavani in armor by Hal Foster

Through that process, I met Lavani. Her backstory had sadness; it was difficult. Still, she fullfilled her part in the play. Her story was complete, or so I thought. A simple wooden door opened (well, it was crashed through). I watched as she chose to walk through, escape her fate, and become something more. Not solely for herself but because she thought she had the potential to influence outcomes for others in a positive way.

The challenges she faced, the choice she made, and the outcomes she reached for are what I really want to write about. Many of my short stories and poetry have included bits of her interactions with the world. I would like to continue delving into those interactions for Summer Camp.

I invite you to follow along with her adventures in the articles I write for Summer Camp!

Summer Camp 2021 by World Anvil

Anhult Woodlands Regional Map

What world are you working on?

Anhult is the name of the world. The majority of civilization is in the southern hemisphere with powerful cities and trade networks as the primary influencers. Magic is abundant and can be common but is not always allowed to be evenly distributed. This has slowed in-world development in many places, some regions are even in dark ages. However, I am working on a region in the north known as the Anhult Wildlands. Treacherous seas, deep forests, lost ruins, and massive geological formations are spread across the region...and there is minimal influence from the South.

Which area are you working on?

I am focused in particular on the forests of the Anhult Wildlands, around the remote Northern city of Etonia. Several small villages are scattered through the forest. Lavani is located in the village of Montsilt. My #AprilAdventure One Shot is located in Trier. I expect I'll come up with things to write about in many of those locations. I am giving myself room to bounce around and explore small or large themes.

How much are you aiming to complete?


When will you write?

I feel like I have fine tuned my daily schedule for writing over the last few months. I will have a couple 30 minute slots during the day that I will be able to write. At 9pm I will also have several hours where I tend to have my most focused time.

Who is your support network?

StoCo_Glyph Black Text-sm.png
I started writing once a week last year. I am an innkeeper at a Bed & Breakfast but there was a pandemic, so I didn't have guests. I had time. Writing was very positive during that difficult time.

By November the words and ideas were coming out so fast that I needed to learn how to manage things better. I found a mentor through the Storytelling Collective and looked for writing tools. I found World Anvil right before World Ember. I was so relieved to have the tool I needed and they (Janet videos) were encouraging me to write more!

By January I had found the amazing community around World Anvil. By March I realized I needed to include friends and family in this new thing I was doing.

I am excited to enter Summer Camp with support from many places and motivation from exciting projects. I am grateful for my abundance and I will use that to support others through the month!


I pledge to write 31 articles as part of Summer Camp 2021. I will use time already in my schedule set aside for writing and be flexible on article length and layout to keep my pace healthy. Part of the Summer Camp experience is the community. I also pledge to take time to read other articles daily and promote work being shared on twitter.

Worldbuilding Organization

My articles are sorted and ready for enhancements or edits! There is room for the new articles that will be created with Summer Camp. I have my tags ready for cross connecting articles. Last, I have organized my images into several galleries to find article headers, content images, character artwork

  • The Anhult Woodlands Region has a few general information articles, many from Worldember. This is where article stubs, research articles, and general documentation goes. Some Summer Camp articles will eventually reside here as well.
  • During Summer Camp, articles answering the prompts will be kept in Summer Camp 2021.
  • Other World Anvil challenge articles done throughout the year can be found under Community Challenges. Most of them will eventually end up on the Anhult Woodlands Region later in the year.
  • I expect most of my Summer Camp articles to be writen in a short story format so they may be added to Short Stories of the Anhult.
  • The Storytelling Projects category is for Avast Library Sage Patrons. It includes active D&D game notes and other content I will be publishing.
  • Tags are the common name of locations, people, items or events that link to each other or to poetry, short stories, or other content
  • My process for responding to Summer Camp prompts is:
    Creative Process for Summer Camp 2021
    Generic article | Jul 3, 2021

    Brainstorming, Writing, Design, and Marketing


Daily Life and the Forest

Cover image: Forest During the Daytime by Tim Mossholder


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18 Jun, 2021 11:53

I love how you've introduced your project - it sounds really interesting. Good luck with Summer Camp!

Sage George Sanders
George Sanders
20 Jun, 2021 00:39

Thanks! I am excited to hear the presentation of it was interesting. I am considering using that intro for a few things.

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Sage Rynn19
Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)
19 Jun, 2021 18:17

Good luck George! I love your project, and you made such a pretty pledge page!

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Sage George Sanders
George Sanders
20 Jun, 2021 00:47

Thanks! I'm wrangling that CSS. My style is coming into focus too so the page layout got extra focus than was needed, but it was fun so I went with it.   I was excited to hear that creating a template was a good prep step. I could really see that. I pulled design ideas from the costume challenge and April adventure for the pledge, the words just filled in after that...actually I had to cut them back!

Before becoming the Etonia Council, the members had to make it to Etonia. My Shipwright Challenge entry offers a glimpse into that story. Dìondair Malairt
25 Jun, 2021 08:36

This is a very beautiful pledge! I love how you talk about discovering your own world and the people in it. I think these unexpected developments are among the best things about worldbuilding! Good luck with Summer Camp!

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Sage George Sanders
George Sanders
26 Jun, 2021 21:03

Thanks! I agree. I am hooked. Good luck with your Summer Camp effort too!

Before becoming the Etonia Council, the members had to make it to Etonia. My Shipwright Challenge entry offers a glimpse into that story. Dìondair Malairt
1 Jul, 2021 17:53

What a wonderful pledge document! I like that you’re focusing on one character for the summer. I think It’s a unique way to think about the prompts. Good luck with summer camp! I’ll be following along.

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