Written by George Sanders

Jung was breathing heavily as he raced through the forest - under a log, scattering leaves in his path, leaping over a stream. Behind him two small figures struggled to keep up. He settled into the pace Ardelis had showed him. Jung would point to a root to avoid. He called back about a loose rock to dodge. He needed them to keep the pace. If they stopped he knew they would be bickering before they had even caught their breath. More importantly, they had to reach their destination and get back before nightfall. He ran with his bow in his hand and an arrow clenched to the bow. They were running through potentially hostile territory.   The three reached a small creek. It was a landmark. Jung looked back at the goblins he was to escort to the weapons cache. "Which way now?" Zez replied "200 steps to the owl tree. That way." Jung headed to the left. Sure enough they quickly came to an old rotting tree that had the appearance of an owl.   "Next!" called Jung.   "Up the hill, watch for the thornberry bushes." Zez huffed.   "And the arrowhead rock, it points the way!" added Brun.   "Bah, that is the less effective landmark." Zez cackled.   "You can't be the number one goblin using bushes as landmarks!" hissed Brun.   "Enough!" called Jung.   Up the hill they went, where the bushes started growing there was indeed a large rock that pointed to the left.   "It isn't far, just follow the arrow" Brun panted.   Jung slowed his pace and looked for the hidden entrance. Within a few minutes he found a depression on the forest floor and then a handle. He pulled the leaf covered wooden door up. "Hop in, quick." Jung scanned the forest as the two goblins jumped into the hole. He joined them after he was confident the horizon was clear, replacing the door as he entered the hole.   In the dark space he lit a torch. The goblins gasped. "That is the number one goblin." Zez said in a hushed tone. "Yes, Zez. You are right." confirmed Brun. In front of them was a life size statue of the number one goblin, Garium. He had brought the 5 clans together and moved them out of their war-torn homeland to this forest. This cache held Garium's secrets and his weapon. Jung picked up several parchments and books. He put them into a sack. He gathered some small swords, arrows, an amulet, and several uniforms. He put them into the sack. "Come on guys. We have to be quick." The goblins picked up two crossbows, everyone picked up a shield from a pile in the corner. Under the last shield they found it.   The weapon of the number one goblin. Brun looked at Zez. Zez just cried. They knew the stories. Whoever held the blade would be changed. It was powerful enough to make a greedy goblin take pause before reaching out for it. Zez put his hands together, palm to palm like Lavani had showed him and he breathed out. Brun had done the same. This weapon was going to change everything.


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