Etonia Wizard Network

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Written by George Sanders

The wizard network was originally created to tap the skills of wizards when the city of Etonia was under attack. All magic users in the city and region around the city are registered with the wizard network and may be called upon during a crisis. The network has expended to provide support to the city guard or expeditionary forces outside of the city. The organization experienced scope creep, as wizards are apt to do, as they looked to spead the use of magic throughout their realm of influence.

A library and apprentice program was set up in Etonia. The apprentices were used to 'program' automated functions throughout the city. Common automations were used for dish cleaning, keeping a container interior cold, washing of clothes and making beds. Wizards were sent to villages and communities around Etonia to continue this work. The heavy application of magic has resulted in many talent wizards in the region that could rival programs at libraries down the Coral Coast.


The Network

When they are registered, they are expected to document their business in the region and where they will be located or traveling. As they attain some reknown and remain reputable a clause on the registration may be activated to may them an official part of the wizard network. This allows the city to summon the wizards to the defense of the city. This has left a few wizards disgruntled but their increase status has eased the pain of losing some of their freedom. A few wizards have been turned away from the region when they refused to register.  

Avast Libary

The Etonia council consists of a retired group of adventurers. Avast was a member of that group. He continues to serve on the on the council as well as run the libary in Etonia. The library appears as a humble "L" shaped building in the old town district of Etonia, near the church. However, once inside a user of the library has to navigate several wings with two or three rows of bookshelves in each wing. There are currently 8 apprentices in the library.   Spoiler - Open after you travel to Montsilt

Montsilt Wizard Tower

The network sent a wizard, Antum, to the market town of Montsilt as the importance of the town grew. He was tasked with recruited rural apprentices and spreading magic to the farms and settlements of the Anhult Woodlands. He recently received approval for an additional wizard in residence and appointed Fassad to that position. Fassad had helped save Antum's life and had a significant impact on Montsilt that had proven his skill and reputation. They currently have the facilities for 3 apprentices.
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