Wildlands Trinkets

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On the edge of darkness
the fire consumes air
while fueling hope

Ancient wood board with three candles

Rumors say this old plank came from a temple devoted to the sun. The dry and porous wood should be ash by now, and the candles melted away.


At the dawn of each day, they are back to full height. The flames light with a simple incantation: "Candles, spread your light." The board floats five feet from the speaker and follows them fervently into the dark.


About Wildlands Trinkets

Game masters and writers need to describe the items laying around the scene. Those descriptions aren't the main story though. So, they need to be concise. They need to be easy to access over and over, because guaranteed, you will need to share that information again when you least expect it.



Illustration of dice with a link to current D&D games I am running
The Wildlands Trinkets deck of cards are a laid out to cover that critical need of the game master. A prime example is when a player investigates a location and an item is needed to catch their eye. The front of each the card has an easy to see image with a quote, poem, or short description. The card could be mounted on a GM screen or handed to a player.


Another example is when the game master needs to come up with a quick transition to a new encounter or side quest. On the back of the card there is a more detailed description that can prompt questions about lore and history. Below that is a hook to a potential magic ability or encounter related to the item.


Have no fear of the tangents players may try to delve into, lean into the tangent with a stack of 30 cards by your side. The pack is designed to handle a wide variety of mudane items (or what appear to be mundane items...).


Parchment with a Yellow Quill

For writers the items let you to walk through your world. The items help prompt the story. This discovery process is powerful but sometimes needs a jumpstart. The cards are a great way to get the momentum going.


Soon you will be able to purchase them via DriveThruRPG. In the meantime, stay in the loop by following my world and watching the notifications!


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Patreon subscribers will be receiving the item content early and I am already working on the second deck of 30 items! Join today to get all the loot, digital and physical, as part of a Patreon subscription.



But, you may have noticed the text is not the best things about the cards. The amazing artwork, done by Gege Escriva, will make a routine item a powerful part of your adventure. She has partnered with me to make these decks and you will not be disappointed with the concepts she pulled together from the wide range of items I asked her to illustrate!


The art for the decks will be available for purchase in a digital file format (.png) and as a round VTT token separate from the physical deck. These files have a commercial use license, perfect for blogs, web sites, books, or ttrpg games.  

Your purchase supports both of Gege and I. With each purchase we can continue developing more great content for you and others to enjoy!


Thanks for visiting the Wildlands.


Three ways to purchase Wildlands Trinkets


Deck of Cards or PDF

  • 30 trinket cards with plants, animals, and every day items
  • Great visual aid to mount on a game master screen or hand to a player
  • Use just the front image or the content on the back or a combination of both

Virtual Tabletop Tokens

  • 30 round tokens
  • Roll20 Module with pre-made handouts
  • Purchase link coming soon!

Digital Art Files

Ancient wood board with three candles
  • 30 png images
  • Access to item pages here on World Anvil
  • Purchase link coming soon!

Cover image: Forest During the Daytime by Tim Mossholder


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