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Sat Feb 3rd - Sat Feb 24th

Cabinet of Curiosities

This event has ended!
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  From the mysterious components in a wizard's pocket to the curious artifacts of a newly-discovered alien species, items are an essential part of any worldbuilding project.   During February, answer as many prompts as you want with Item articles. Any amount of prompts answered will get you the participation badge, so open your cabinet and have fun filling it with curiosities!   Looking for some inspiration? Here's a couple of resources to get you started!

The Prompts

Click on a prompt to write your response.
Let the games begin!

Join the Race!

Do you want to get your worldbuilding skills up to scratch? Join the fun!


How to enter

For each prompt, create something in any medium that relates to the prompt in any way (worldbuilding, art, poetry...). Then, insert your creation in an Item article and submit it using the panel on the right side of the article editor.   You'll get the participation badge by answering any number of prompts!  


  • Articles must be submitted before the closing time to be eligible (the challenge will close during the World Anvil livestream on February 24th).
  • You can only submit one article per prompt (this does not mean one article per world, in cases where multiple authors work on a single world).
  • For writing-based entries, there is no minimum or maximum wordcount. For other types of entry, there aren't any limitations either.
  • Submit all of your articles by February 24th, or they will not be counted for the participation badge.
  • As always, World Anvil claims no ownership over your original work.

Other information

  • All your submissions must be Item articles. If you submit non-written content, embed the content into your submission (learn how to embed images).
  • You can answer multiple prompts with a single submission, but due to how the system works, each article can only be submitted to a single prompt.
  • If you're not sure if your idea fits a prompt, the answer is probably yes! The goal of the event is to challenge yourself, so go forth and worldbuild anything inspired by these prompts!
For any questions or clarifications about this challenge, message the Community Team (@Community Team) on the World Anvil Discord or post to the World Anvil Facebook Group!