Organize your worldbuilding

A gif of World Anvil’s dashboard, the ultimate answer to how to organize your worldbuilding.

Get organized with World Anvil’s worldbuilding & campaign planner

World Anvil is the ultimate answer to “how to organize worldbuilding”! Our quick search features, nested categories, tags and cross referencing give you everything you need to organise worldbuilding for any project, novel or dnd campaign! Our stunning table of contents is the ultimate worldbuilding organizer for your players or readers, and you can use book-style covers for those aspects your readers use the most. The dashboard is your private world building organizer, where you can find anything in your DnD or other RPG campaign setting or novel setting in seconds!

Get all the information you need with a simple search

The key to any organization system, and especially how to organize your worldbuilding, is being able to find things in seconds. In World Anvil, you can search your ENTIRE world setting - timelines, map pins, characters, plots, stat blocks and more, with just three letters! This allows you to get back to your novel or DnD campaign even quicker!

World Anvil’s quick search, which  makes it the ultimate worldbuilding organizer
A show case of the world anvil mentions system in view mode and the creation interface, which helps organize worldbuilding.

Cross reference articles to build interconnected worlds

For organizing worldbuilding, context is everything. That’s why World Anvil has a super quick and easy way to link articles together! You can even make links and placeholders for articles you haven’t made yet, which are added to the handy to do list!

Integrate your maps with the wider world

Another great worldbuilding organizer tool are our interactive maps. Link articles to points on your maps, so you can keep track of your novel or campaign setting project at a glance! You can even link maps together, creating a chain that links your town map to your region, your continent and your world. Ultimate worldbuilding scope and organization in a click!

Showcase of World Anvil’s interactive maps, a great world building organizer for authors and DnD players
 A showcase of World Anil’s quick create button, which allows you to organize world building thoughts as they come to you!

Create new interconnected articles on the fly

Ever wondered how to organize your worldbuilding when the ideas come faster than you can arrange them on the page? Never fear - our quick article creation button allows you to create articles AS YOU’RE WRITING OTHER ARTICLES! You’ll never lose a new campaign setting or novel idea again.

Organising your worldbuilding is just one capability of the ever-expanding World Anvil toolset...

World Anvil isn’t just a world building organizer! You can write your novels with our integrated novel writing software, and run DnD Campaigns (or dozens of other popular RPG systems) in our Campaign Manager! Or, if you’re looking to turn your writing, GMing and worldbuilding into a career, check out our creative monetization and story and book publication features!


World Anvil is the ULTIMATE RPG Campaign
Manager and Homebrew world building toolset

... and with it you can...


Build the complete, living world behind your tabletop RPG games. Create your lore, NPCs, locations, monsters and adventures.


Showcase your world in all its glory and let your players explore and discover the hidden wonders you choose to share.


Keep your notes and ideas safe - in years to come you'll be able to search through and remember them like you wrote them yesterday.


Work by yourself or get your players to help you, expand your lore and their backstories.


Create your campaign, invite your players, manage your sessions and have everything you've created in front of you in a single screen.


Join a community of over 750,000 worldbuilders and Dungeon Masters happy and willing to help you become the best tormentor Dungeon Master you can be!