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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2022

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a title that commands respect from those in the know
A total of 316 entries

Grand Master of the Knights of Light

Enlisted Executive Advisor of the NuovaFirenzzane Armed Forces

Virovirie: Preparers, Supervisors, Authors

First Mage of the Council of Morgana

Grand Paladin of the Order of the Flame

Commander Antarean Armed Forces

The Oracle of the Elements

Director of Research and Development

Crown Prince or Princess of Crystland

Officer to the Federation and Apreas

Matriarch of the Goblins

Knight of the Order of the Mother

Admiral-Captain of Cellea

Chief Archivist of the Library of Chaus

The Ka'Maw aka The Spirit-Mouth

President of the Global Business Council

Master Of The Great Gyrrasha's Household

Spiremarshal of the Craftwork Sentinels

Ruler of the Skies or Pirate King

Nunyan Representative to The Council of Five

Chief of the Blade's Sacred Flame