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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2022

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a great leader of their people
A total of 322 entries

Guildmaster Thora, Mistress of the Hammer, Speaker of the Senate of T'ver

Hakkon "The Brave" Thorvaldsen of Clan Hakonsen High King of Vistaghast

Queen Ngatka: Savior of Monarchy

Shpou'Shra-Zar Eteurisovesia Pra'Viyk

The Champion-King Illiam Castell

Alvaro, Shadow of the Everlight

Blackwell, the first councilwoman

Picker, chief of the Rockhouse Tribe

Lord Mayor Vepiscus Maleus

Avris Lii Ethelwood D'Est Errall

Jallr'hali, legendary Shantiahe emperor

Billy the Hero, Beholder of the Word Legendary

Unlikely Allies - Captain Argus Malitora and Taluk'okt

Most Triumphant Emperor Sin-Iddinam

Kara Teadrinker - Monster Hunter Matriarch

Aleksandra Ossipowna Piatnitzkaja

Nina, Leader of the Hollywood Vampires

Asariah Gaelira Venynore királynő

Avengers Initiate #5: {Redacted}/Spider-Man

Newell, The Religious Pneumatic

First Ruler of the Skies or First Pirate King

Beithir Hacende: The Dark Storm Queen

Nivak, Lady of the Glimmering Snow