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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2022

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a tradition or ceremony which confers an honor on someone
A total of 253 entries

Coronation of The Valonian Monarch

Receiving Extradimensional Residence Permit - ExRP

Federation Naval Officer Inauguration

the ceremony of the fire salamander

The Coronation of the Heir

Accolade of the Kamaitachi knighthood

Initiation into the Brotherhood of Stone

Knighthood of the Sable Leaf

Altarian Cloaking and Pre-Crowning Ceremony

Becoming Elite In Less Than A Year

Nevanore új Polgármestere

Inauguration of the Tribune of Acrona

T'sagultorgna Coronation Ceremony

The Renewal of the Heart

crystal tuner confirmation ceremony

Presentation of the Purple Dragon

Gwybod Scholar Rite of passage

Journey to the Center Without Thought of Coming Back

Meeting of the Blessed Eyes

President's Day and the Passing Ceremony

The Tribebuilder Inauguration

Coronation of the Oracle of Nir

Appointment to the Royal Polantian Guard

The Flames of The Honourable Keeper

Appointment of the Royal Guard

Coronation of the Blatian Emperors

Crescent Flower of the Gallant

Investiture of the Prince of Calmarnock

The Sacrament of Vindex Populi

Weldic Knighting Tourney

Aufstiegszeremonie von Dreiwasser

Ceremonia del "Hijo de la Nuez"

The Lord of Dragons Ceremony

Royal Imbolc Tournament of Kantoc

PhD—a tradition conferring honours

Parliament of Polymath Eminence induction ceremony

The Meister's Cheese Eating Contest

Verleihung des VN-Friedenspreis

An Evening Ceremony: Knighting a Lochir

Annual World Peace & Harmony Conference