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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2022

Somewhere in your setting, describe
A lost or discovered artifact of significance or power.
A total of 265 entries

Masks of Jyudrar and Zukira

First Federation Congressional Medal

Crafter's Ward Time Capsule

the spear that strikes true

Black hole power generator

The Heart Charmed Locket

Serpent Headwrap of Arcanesight

Relic of Jurrg The Sister & Protector

Gikerus' Amberchrys Heart

Coat of the First Ruler of the Skies

The Shillelagh of Silvanus

Pendulum of Enhanced Luck

The Staves of Airrin Underwood

Nemo, the Sword of the Sea

The Books of the Nameless Ones

Aurindus, the Great Arcane Flare

Star and Sun fangs, Jallr'hali's daggers

Shield of the Sun's Splendor

Thunderbird Mountain Compass