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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2022

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a myth or urban legend about a "monster"
A total of 223 entries

myths about the insane spirits

The Baker's Wife and the Witch in the Wood

The Witch of the Ferngrove Hall

The Tower of Shattered Souls

The Legend of the Disappearing Children

The Story of the Trees of the Water Temples

Destrucción del Yacimiento de los Cristales del Tiempo

The Guardian of Cora Valley

The Black-Winged Nightmare

Wajabin of Midsummer's Eve

The FourSpace Inhabitants

The Legend of the Leviathan of Insunovis

The Last Day of Anuinzheulmin

Le démon en chacun de nous

Ásinnar's Journey to the Underworld

The Sapphire Necrotic Miasma

The Midnight Aristocrat's Pleasures

The Many Heads of The Abomination

The Fiery Wrath of the Pukis

The Man Who Attempted To Seduce Lan'tha

The Minotaur, The Man, The Myth

The Wandering Chaotic Aberration Auto-Generated

The disappearance of the dragons

The Hyena and the Double Headed Twins

When the Posioned Tears Fall Down

They Look So Pretty When They Bleed

The Stories of Grothkrokg, the missing.