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New virtual tables available! Let's Play D&D

What does it mean to experience the world? Well, you can read the flash fiction, short stories, and poetry on this web site and you could join me for a virtual ttrpg (tabletop role-playing game) session! You can subscribe to my Patreon to play in an ongoing Anhult Wildlands 5e campaign, details in the sidebar.



Or instead of a monthly fee, as professional Game Master, I have games running almost every week. You can purchase a ticket for one of the virtual games below. There are a variety of Dungeons and Dragons games available.

How Do I Play Virtually?
For my patreon campaign or private games, we'll create a character, equip a few tools on your computer including Discord and Roll20. Don't worry, it's a free action for both. Next, you'll join the party for a virtual session zero. Then, we'll run the adventure and have an awesome shared storytelling experience.


The Virtual Play D&D Weekends are Adventurers League organize play events through Preferred Organizer Baldman Games. The process getting set up for those events is similar to my custom ttrpg games. We'll equip a few tools on your computer, Discord and Roll20. We'll met some new friends then get to play Adventurers League and other official storylines!

Virtual Events


October Virtual Play D&D Weekend

  • Oct 6th - 8th

  • Tickets Available ~10 days before event- Tuesday Sept 26th at Noon EDT.
  • Game play and character creation follow Adventurers League rules. Details provided with your ticket.
  • New characters (and new players) welcome at any of the tables. New characters start at 1st or 5th level depending on the adventure.
  • Tickets for my table(s) will available at the Yawning Portal or click "Buy!" below.

Table Date Title Description Price
Fri 10/6 7pm-11pm EDT BMG-MOONEP-MD-01 - The Occupation of Caer Corwell The isle of Gwynneth is under attack! An armada of Amnian ships has been spotted west of the isle while a legion of Amnian soldiers and mercenaries have made landfall on the eastern coast. The trajectory of these two forces seems to be converging at Caer Corwell. What is the Viceroy of Westphal, Lady Erliza Daressin, planning? A four-hour Epic (multi-table) adventure for 5th through 10th-level characters in the Forgotten Realms campaign.
Sold Out
Table 35 Buy! Sat 10/7 9am-1pm EDT BMG-DL-VOTU-04 - Dragons of Fortune Deep within the Forest of Wayreth, the wizards of the Tower of High Sorcery await the results of a young wizard’s Test. Events go off course, though, when you arrive—will your presence spell doom or fortune for all involved? In a world ravaged by war, the actions of heroes can have world-altering stakes. This four-hour adventure continues to expand upon the perilous events of The War of the Lance. The adventure is designed for new 5th-level or existing 5th to 6th-level Dragonlance campaign characters.
1 Ticket left!
Table 45 Buy! Sat 10/7 2pm-7pm EDT BMG-DL-VOTU-05 - Dragons of Affliction Clues to the Genesis Shard's location lead to the Garnet Mountains and the halls of the Dwarves of Kayolin. There, the clans convene with the Knights of Solamnia, who have come to petition for an alliance to defend their shared borders against invasion. However, the bones of the earth are under threat by an ancient evil, threatening the critical accord. This four-hour adventure continues to expand upon the perilous events of The War of the Lance. The adventure is designed for new 5th-level or existing 5th-level to 7th-level Dragonlance campaign characters.
3 Tickets left!


Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen Campaign

  • Oct 5th 8pm EDT

    (games are every other Thursday)
  • Play through the chapters of the hardcover!
  • Each 4 hour virtual session uses Discord and Roll20 (free tools).
  • New players welcome. For this session new level 5 Adventurers League characters are welcome. You can also bring a previous tier 2 (level 5-10) Dragonlance Adventurers League character.
  • Check out the Adventurers League Players Guide v13 for details on how to make a character.
  • No previous Adventurers Leagues experience needed. Adventurers League is the organized play system for Dungeons & Dragons(tm).

Table Date Title Description Price
Thu 10/5 8pm EDT Chapter 5 - Northern Wastes The Dragon Army scours the Nothern Wastes for a powerful weapon. We need to discover what they are after and stop them from using it; join the fight!
Sold Out!


Adventure April Premier Livestream

  • Saturday, June 10th, 2pm EDT - 5pm EDT!
  • Broadcast will be on Twitch at twitch.tv/ragexkagexrugger
  • Lavani and the Church of the Silver Dragon have a plan to defeat the demon, Acogzluk. Can their heroes overcome his ensnaring might?

  Kobold Press's - Chronicles Organized Play *add h2

  • July 30th (Last Sunday of each month) *add h3
  • New monthly virtual gaming event running adventures written by Kobold Press
  • Join one 4 hour virtual session using Discord and Roll20 (free tools).
  • New players welcome. This month we are using pre-generated characters. Extra easy!
  • Eventually games will be using the new Tales of the Valiant 5e compatible system. This month we are using standard 5e rules.

Table Date Title Description Price
Table 1Sign Up! Sun 7/30 12pm-4pm EDT Blood Vaults of Sister Alkava Hurry to the village of Karvolia. The call for adventurers said Sister Alkava has asked for a second round of blood donors for the Red Goddess. Yet, the first round has not returned. Something is not right. Have donors become sacrifices?
Table 2Sign Up! Sun 7/30 7pm-11pm EDT Blood Vaults of Sister Alkava Hurry to the village of Karvolia. The call for adventurers said Sister Alkava has asked for a second round of blood donors for the Red Goddess. Yet, the first round has not returned. Something is not right. Have donors become sacrifices?

Future Events

2022 Holiday D&D

  • Dec 28th-31st
  • Free Tickets available soon!
  • Games sessions available for 2 new adventures I have written
  • Tickets and times for my table(s) will available on my Discord Server, Join Discord or email me if you have an interest in

  Virtual Gen Con *add h3

  • August 4th-6th
  • Tickets Available on the Gen Con online web site.
  • Selecting my table will not be an option as players will be assigned tables when they join the game session.


November Virtual Play D&D Weekend

  • Nov 17th-19th
  • Tickets Available ~10 days before event.
  • Tickets for my table(s) will available at the Yawning Portal

  August Kobold Chronicles *add h3

  • August 27th
  • Tickets Available ~3 days before event.
  • This will be a Tales of the Valient Preview Adventure!
  • Tickets for my table(s) will available on Startplaying.games


Play Some Games


Anhult Campaign

The path is long and dark forces will reach out to challenge you but heroes are needed. I will be your guide (and Game Master), walk with me on a journey through the Anhult Wildlands. I have walked out of the forest and into the sun-soaked fields around Pale Gear. I climbed the Anhult Rise along the Long Road North. I soared in the air over the rolling fields around Etonia. My ears heard the calls of crews navigating the Bay of Claws. Champions will find an inviting community, a place worth the fight to protect. Will you answer the call?


To Heed my Words:
[ ] Navigate to my Patreon Page
[ ] Join at the "Ardelis' Arrows" Tier
[ ] Support my writing while you play!


We will play virtually once a month in the Anhult Wildlands. Delve into the story, explore a growing world, and fight for a worthy cause. New players or experienced players are welcome at an inclusive table with plenty of roleplaying, a wilderness to explore, and challenging encounters.

About My Adventures

Mystery at Thorngage Manor

Few have dared to venture close to the old settlement. That's due to the rumors. Rumors that something watches you as you walk around the central path between the buildings. Stories are told by parents that children disappear who venture through the woods and go too close to Thorngage Manor.

A few adventurers have declared they were heading to get the treasures but have not been heard from since they embarked on their mission. Perhaps they found the treasure and headed off to their retirement in some Southern city...or perhaps not.

Check back soon for times

Race to the Ruins

As the Innkeeper returned from the second floor and greatted another group that entered the Inn. Vlad watched from the common room. He thought to himself, "Blast, It's Bartholomew and three others from Coral Gate. Recovery of artifacts from the ruins just got more complicated. I'm going to need some help." He considered his options while sitting by the fireplace in the common room of the Red Lion Inn

Vlad approached your table with a proposition, "A healthy hike through the forest and an afternoon studying old buildings. A little digging. That is all I need. I pay well."

Check back soon for times.

Save the Goblins

As Winter turned to Spring, the Goblin Tribe in the hills started to harass travelers and encroach upon the villages scattered through the forest. Skirmishes between settlers and bands of 4-6 goblins became common. A bounty for Goblin ears was set by the Etonia guard.


The city was preparing to send an expeditionary force. Shortly after the spring cross-quarter, the attacks stopped. No goblins were seen in the forest at all.


Most people in the forest felt this was a blessing. The new mayor of Monsilt believed it was an ominous sign. Her concerns were verified when two goblins showed up in town asking for assistance.

Check back soon for times

Cover image: Forest During the Daytime by Tim Mossholder


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