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I have walked out of the forest and into the sun-soaked fields around Montsilt. My cart made it through the spring rains on the road to Mirasoon. I soared in the air over the rolling fields around Etonia. My ears heard the calls of a crew navigating the Bay of Claws. Follow me on a journey to the Anhult Wildlands. The path is long and nature itself will reach out to challenge you but heroes are needed in Etonia. Champions will find a community with abundance, a place worth the fight to protect. Will you answer the call?

How to answer

You've heard the herald's call on the streets. Heed his words and navigate to my Patreon page - joining at the "Ardelis' Arrows" tier lets you play virtually once a month in the Anhult Wildlands. You'll equip a few tools on your computer, Discord, and Roll20. Don't worry, it's a free action for both. Next, you'll join the party as we play Dungeon & Dragons 5e in the Anhult Wildlands setting. Delve into the story, explore a growing world, and fight for a worthy cause. New players or experienced players are welcome at an inclusive table with plenty of roleplaying, a wilderness to explore, and challenging encounters.



Another Path

Perhaps you have commitments or debts to a local noble, or to the thieves guild, and can only get away for a short time. Join in exploring the world with a One-Shot Adventure. Upcoming dates will be listed with each Adventure description on this page. Follow the ticket link to sign up for one of the adventures.

Other Events

I will be running Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League tables at these great events.

October Virtual Play D&D Weekend

  • Oct 15th-17th
  • Sold Out

Nov Virtual Play D&D Weekend

  • Nov 19th-21st
  • Tickets Available Nov 9th

Dec Virtual Play D&D Weekend

  • Dec 17th-19th
  • Tickets Available Dec 7th

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Mystery at Thorngage Manor

Few have dared to venture close to the old settlement. That's due to the rumors. Rumors that something watches you as you walk around the central path between the buildings. Stories are told by parents that children disappear who venture through the woods and go too close to Thorngage Manor.

A few adventurers have declared they were heading to get the treasures but have not been heard from since they embarked on their mission. Perhaps they found the treasure and headed off to their retirement in some Southern city...or perhaps not.

Check back soon for times

Save the Goblins

As Winter turned to Spring, the Goblin Tribe in the hills started to harass travelers and encroach upon the villages scattered through the forest. Skirmishes between settlers and bands of 4-6 goblins became common. A bounty for Goblin ears was set by the Etonia guard.


The city was preparing to send an expeditionary force. Shortly after the spring cross-quarter, the attacks stopped. No goblins were seen in the forest at all.


Most people in the forest felt this was a blessing. The new mayor of Monsilt believed it was an ominous sign. Her concerns were verified when two goblins showed up in town asking for assistance.

Check back soon for times

Cover image: Forest During the Daytime by Tim Mossholder


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