Pale Gear

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The ground squishes and flops underfoot all Summer because water comes off the hills fast and deep in the Spring. Fields flood across the valley, and the waters often reach up to the walls of the village. The guild built Innerst bridge tall to dodge the floods.


The village sits on an outcrop of rock. That keeps our floors dry. No basements and two-foot tall foundations on every building give a little breathing room in case mother nature gets overly excited. Young trees line the wall, taking advantage of the dry ground. They protect from the Fall winds until leaves fade with Winter.


Roofs peek over the trees. The double chimney near the center is my library and general store. The town hall's watchtower stands tall in the back, keeping the people and fields safe. Walking through the town, hammers clang and kitchens hum. The horses neigh in the stables, and people come and go. They must get to the fields and up the road to the Innerst Tannery.



Out in the fields, the rocks are few and far between. The crops grow strong each season. Homesteads are built on the far sides of the fields, up in the forested hills where the floods won't reach. They'll be in town every few days for the market. I remind them all to pick up a book to read from my library. Plus, they have to stop by the store for any deliveries from Ander's End or Montsilt.


The store isn't open early. I have urgent morning appointments. The far side of the river always has the best fishing. You have to head over the bridge and turn left at the old Linden tree. They say the sweet fragrance from its flowers brings the fish near the bank. It's a lovely scent when you need a morning nap too. On the days when the fish leave before my rest is done, I stop at the Brewing Sturgeon, so I don't miss a meal.


Well, I've taken up a bunch of time, and it is soon time for lunch. Let's list the important places in town and get you on your way.





Town Hall

Mayor: Michael Bravehorn

This elaborate stone and wood building is the town hall and offices of the Mayor of Pale Gear. The Mayor is appointed by the Etonia Council and oversees the shipment of resources to Etonia as well as making important day-to-day decisions for the town.



Staff: Captain Onoto and 5 Guards
Two-story building for guards and village staff. Several private rooms fill the second floor. In addition, a large common room on the first floor provides meeting and training space.  

Town Square Market

Staff: Betsy
The market is between the garrison and library across from the blacksmith and Sipping Dragon Tavern. Several semi-permenant stands around the central well and tucked between buildings make up the market. The Mayor's office manages the market. He hired Betsy to direct vendors, track caravans, and distribute goods. Betsy resides with her family in the house beside the garrison. Her husband is Captain Onoto.  

The Sipping Dragon

Staff: Bartender- Jensen. Service staff- Fergus, Isabell, and Liliana
This tavern and inn are located in the square. The large semi-detached kitchen bakes food for pickup and meals for the tavern. One large common room on the second floor provides comfortable accommodations for travelers.  


Owner: Lucy Hutchison "Hutch"
Skills: She is skilled in adding flutes and flares to improve digging and farming tools.
Staff: Albie, journeyman blacksmith who also handles all the paperwork and numbers
Jobs: Will make metal items for customers, often repairing equipment. Usually, deliveries are waiting to be made to some of the homesteads.  

General Store (and Library)

Owner: Roondar
Skills: Well connected in Etonia, has cousins in Montsilt, member of the Etonia Wizard Network. Has a wide selection of items, gets deliveries once a month, and sends orders to other towns regularly. Many bookshelves fill the walls, floor to ceiling, with books borrowed from Etonia.
Jobs: Caravans may need guards or an extra wagon

Brewing Sturgeon Inn

Owner: Danny - tavern keeper.
Staff: Brooke - brewer. Ellie, Noel, Cooper, Mara - service staff.

4 private rooms, one large common room, taproom, plus kitchen and brewing outbuildings



Staff: Hazel
This single-room building at the end of the road by the West gate is filled with a large hearth and oven. Supplies bread for the tannery, garrison, and most households.  

The Stables

Staff: Roe
Large barn and stable for travelers and local work animals. A local druid stays in the barn several nights a week. In addition, she provides veterinary services for the town and homesteads.  


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