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It's a hashtag. I took it over in 2021 with a couple other writing conspirators from World Anvil. We share something from our worlds each week. I have been using it as a deadline to drive my process of writing, editing, and touching up layout for one flash fiction story a week. Some of these stories will only be available for a week so check them out as they come out!


You can read the other writers submissions on Twitter by following the TuesdayFiction account.



Oct 4th 2022

Airgead Falls
Geographic Location | Oct 6, 2022

A fine mist filled the air. A staircase carved from the stone twisted down onto the floor of the cavern. A crystal in the ceiling cast light down on the floor. Grass, trees, and life flourished down here.


Sept 27th 2022

Submission to World Anvil "On the Shoulder of Giants" Writing Challenge

Echoes of the Past
Ethnicity | Oct 4, 2022

In the forest, we had traditions that had protected us for generations, but they have started to fail. The Great Wyrm protected us in the past, and we hope to have found safety with him again here with your arrival.


Sept 20th 2022

Generic article | Sep 16, 2022

"Grandma, let's keep moving. We need to check on Grandma Fusun and Grandma Hazan. Plus get to market and then pick up your herbs." Sanem hurried her grandmother down the street.


Sept 13th 2022

Grandma's Garden
Ethnicity | Sep 16, 2022

Grandma Nuray sat in the dirt of her garden, welcoming her company. The tomatoes had grown tall on wooden frames. Chives, oregano, and catnip were spaced along the base of the tomatoes.


Sept 6th 2022

Pavlohra Lost
Settlement | Sep 15, 2022

The gates stood open. Some of the buildings were unstable and crumbling. The cold of the expanse had overtaken the city, nothing was growing. The structures stood as a monument to a different time.


August 30th 2022

Character | Sep 6, 2022

Perhaps I was always an explorer. But, looking back, I thought I was a cook, and that was all I needed to be or would be.


August 23rd 2022

Material | Sep 15, 2022

Do you have primrose in your recipe book? It can find and open portals.


August 16th 2022

Libraries of the Eylium Court
Building / Landmark | Sep 15, 2022

A winding path traveled down an enormous hall, the Spring Library had that. Trees in alcoves every thirty feet, it had those too. There were Storytellers standing by the trees!


August 9th 2022

Hunt's Ascension
Tradition / Ritual | Sep 15, 2022

The Hunter emerged from the icy portal. The shear cliffs of the portal gave way to an slick incline. This used to be a pool, filled with water. He paused to put his air bag into a pouch on his belt - no longer needed. He rested for moment on his rope.

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