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Tue 25th Oct 2022 04:33

Session 2, It's really not that important

by Temerity

I’m not really sure why, but I seem to remember that Sophie was quite nice to us. There we were, in the woods, and Sophie, a short female with grayish white hair and a nice one-piece dress, waived goodbye to us with her knotted staff. Will was acting all weird. Eowyn was not talking, as if Eowyn were pondering something deep. Vardai looked like she… wait, Vardai… who is she?
Now I remember, we met Vardai earlier. Hmm, I think we met her trying to save Tori. Clearly it was after we rescued Flint. You see, Flint was up in a tree, and we had to get him down. He was clearly afraid of something. Maybe it was because he was speaking Dwarven or something, but I don’t remember what he was afraid of. Anyway, we rescued him and he bolted back to Treir.
Regardless of how exactly we met Vardai really isn’t that important. What is important is that Vardai is really strong and really good with her great axe. I think she’s a half-orc. I really like her hair (which appears to be made of diamonds), her diamond jewelry, and her diamond tusks. Maybe I will get to be able to know her better and learn more about her, but I seem to remember she is definitely brave and handy with that axe. Wow, the long diamond hair… I wonder if she owns a brush that I might borrow.
Oh wow! I just realized... we have a lot of ale. Is that Thorgage Ale? Yes, it is! Cool. I wonder where we got all of that. It is probably not important. Vardai and Eowyn are dragging eight jugs of the ale back on makeshift sleds made out of doors.
We return to Treir and stop at the Hunter’s Lodge. Right before entering the Lodge, Will tries to convince Eowyn and me that we found Thorngage Manor, fought some undead, and found all of this Ale. He then said that Sophie made us forget. I think he’s wrong. Whatever happened is clearly not important, other than we recovered Tori’s body and the Thorngage Ale. Soon, we are meeting with Rennie, the Mayor, and Will tried to convince the mayor of undead or other dangers. Clearly, the Mayor isn’t convinced. Eowyn and I tell the Mayor there was no such nonsense, we collect our contract, and we sell a bottle of the Thorngage Ale to the Mayor. Not long after, we give a jug of the Ale to Fenrick at the Tavern in exchange for a large bottle of Moonshine.
Dawn arrived way too early. Charley, the Caravan Driver, was ready to set out. I am definitely tired, having been out all night rescuing Tori. It didn’t seem like it took that long, but apparently, it did.
We travelled for a few more days. After finally getting some proper sleep, I realized my ties to nature are a bit stronger. I could now feel a little more endurance in my magic spell casting. And, get this, I can summon a wildfire spirit. Awesome! Now, if we can get into a real combat, I might be able to help out my party.